Next Advantage Coaching is a forward-thinking Local Marketing Agency created to build small businesses audience attention to their products and services. We analyze, evaluate, and reshape your Brand with our expert services to help tell your Brand Stories and attract the RIGHT local market to your brand. We connect the dots for you and above all, improve your brand ideas to becoming a beautiful experience. At Next Advantage Coaching, we are hooked on assisting local businesses and brands to attain their jam-packed potential. This is achieved by evaluating your brand to create a custom-made marketing solution, aimed at refining your approach with what works best for you. Here at Next Advantage Coaching, we will never abandon or give up on our ideas, and we inspire you not to also.
















Do you want a brand that is boring and doesn’t portray your business clearly? Or do you want a creative brand that separates you from your competition and sends the EXACT message to attract your choice target market? These are two questions you must ask yourself when it comes to LOCAL marketing and your business.


This is the phase where we will help you analyze your current marketing strategy to make sure you are sending out the correct message. We go through an in depth interview process to gather the information needed to identify your target market, asking key questions like “What business are you in?”


Next we take the information from the discovery phase and create a brand strategy that defines the key elements that create your brand, which include products/services, brand persona, and core brand mission and values.


This is where all the fun begins. Its time to bring your brand identity to reality. We start with a brand positioning statement that brings attention to what benefits you have to offer your customers. Then we put together everything from brand creatives from website design to marketing material for online.

a local marketing agency that understands

We understand that branding and marketing a small business is no easy task, nor is any small business the same. So how can you market a unique brand the same way as every other business online? Easy answer, you can’t! That’s why we’ve designed a marketing program that will deliver results.

Brand Development

If you are struggling in creating a brand that will identify what your business is about, we can help. We go through out creative process to nail down your brand.

Custom Website Design

We’ll build your site, so you don’t have to! Choose the look that best fits your business, tell us what you want, and we will deliver an optimized, user friendly website tailored to reach the local consumers looking for the services your business offers.

Content Creatiion

You need to have compelling copy on all your marketing creatives. If not, you stand a chance to lose business because your content did not connect with your readers. Our team of creative copywriters will create content that not only is entertaining but also will convert to leads.

Local Search Optimization

In today’s digital marketing age, just having a website is not enough. Having a website fully optimized for the major search engines is a key component in getting your business’ online marketing to reach its full potential.

Social Media Marketing

The objective of any successful social media campaign is to stay engaged with customers to get them to keep coming back. We develop social media strategies that not only bring people back, but also get them to share with their friends.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing for a small business can greatly increase your exposure. It can help get your name out there, showcase your stellar customer service and set your brand apart from competition.

Brand Management

Brand management will build a strong online reputation for your business. We track down positive reviews for your company and publish them for all of your potential customers to see. Not only do we get reviews for your company, but we build your brand positioning as the authority in your niche.

Paid Advertising

Our paid advertising program is managed by experts that have been Adwords Certified by Google. They have constructed a way for local businesses to attract quality traffic through Google AdWords without spending a fortune.


Below you will find some of our highlighted work from a different array of clients.

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