Day 15 Your Logo

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Click Here To Go To Fiverr

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Gigs I recommend for Logo Design:

Gig 1       Gig 2

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Brand Image

Branding is an effective way to differentiate, define and articulate the uniqueness and individual promise of value that your business has to offer. It immediately and subliminally tells people what your business stands for and why they should care about what it has to offer. Today, let’s explore your company logo.

Today’s Topic: Company Logo

Choosing a logo is one of the most important decisions a business owner can make. Your logo is the first look that a customer gets into your company so it must accurately represent the organization. It must be well thought out and designed by professionals. Thanks to the internet, this process has now become fast and affordable! There are a ton of websites that can return hundreds of potential designs in as few as seven days.

With that many potential choices – how can you know the best design to choose? Here’s a great checklist that comes from

  1. Is it appealing? Does the logo appeal to your target market? It’s nice if you like it, but more important is that your customers will like it. Test your logo with them.

Most common mistake: Picking a logo you like without checking in with your customers.

  1. Is it effective? Does the logo carry your brand message? Does it tell potential clients “this is what I do” or “why you should choose me over the competition” or “this is what we stand for?” In the end, it certainly shouldn’t contradict those messages.

Most common mistake: Picking a logo that looks “cool,” but can’t be associated by customers with what the company offers.

  1. Is it distinctive? Does the logo look sufficiently different from your competition, or other well-known logos in your market?

Most common mistake: Asking a designer to “adapt” your logo from someone else’s.

  1. Is it scalable? Does the logo still look nice and clear at different sizes? This is especially important if you’re going to be marketing yourself online.

Most common mistake: Using small text that is impossible to read when the logo is used on a banner.

  1. Is it practical? Does the logo work in all the contexts you plan to use it? Will you be able to use the logo’s color scheme in your website or office? Will the logo look just as good on a website as it does on stationery or in print or on a wall? Will the logo still work in black and white, or on black or white backgrounds? Is the aspect ratio going to make it easy to use the logo in other layouts?

Most common mistake: Picking a logo that is too tall and skinny, or too short and long.

Today’s Action: Assess and Adjust Your Company Logo

If you have a logo, use the checklist above to assess its suitability. Are there any adjustments that you may want to make? For example, perhaps there’s a clever way to eliminate or adjust any fine print currently included. Write your thoughts into your tracking system and then contact your graphic designer or visit one of the websites we’ve listed above if you are going to make some adjustments.

If you do not have a logo and you see the value of having one created for you, contact one of the website we’ve listed above.


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