5 Ways To Convert Website Visitors Into Customers

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Need help with getting your website up to par to generate high-quality leads? Use our FREE guide to turn your visitors into buyers and multiply your revenue today. 

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March 26, 2019

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If you think that a constant and regular flow of visitors would be enough for your website, you are mistaken. Good traffic does not translate into good sales or revenues for your business. This is particularly relevant to you if you are a home improvement contractor; your business will thrive only when it has enough paying customers and not just website visitors.

In this article we cover 5 ways to convert website visitors into customers.  These tips will allow you to attract prospects and turn them into repeat loyal customers.  Here are the 5 ways to do this with your website. 

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Divide and Segment the Audience

The target audience comprises visitors who can be classified in different categories. Some visitors are customers who are returning for more engagement with you. Others are first-time potential customers who are casual but curious about what you have to offer. Finally, there are some who are opportunists who are looking only for deals and discounts.

Every visitor holds some level of promise to be a loyal customer. It is up to you to segment this audience into different categories of visitors. Based on that, you can use the appropriate marketing communication to convince each group for using your services.

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Make A Suitable Pitch

Marketing wisdom dictates that the marketing pitch can either make or mar a campaign’s effectiveness. In the field of website traffic and conversion, your pitch of choice would be the website landing page which would draw in visitors.

Conventionally, smaller and quicker landing pages are able to get the message across with less and also create genuinely loyal customers. But even longer landing pages with interesting explanations can do the trick in a less popular category of product or service. You should be able to choose the landing page that gives the best results in the quantity and quality of visitor traffic.

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Give Free Trials To Customers

Nothing works better than a free trial in inducing a visitor to engage actively with you. And since you are in the home improvement business, a free trial of your services will work wonders. As much as possible, look for ways to give free trials and demonstrations to your website visitors.

There are two reasons why free trials are such powerful motivators:

  1. They do not force prospects into immediate commitments. They convince prospects about the quality of the services.  
  2. Your choice of free trial for a visitor would be a free repaint of the guest bathroom. This would give you a chance to show how good you are.

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Remarket Your Services

Remarketing is a relatively new strategy to convert casual visitors into genuinely interested and loyal customers. This involves sending personalized marketing communication to different segments in the target audience. If a visitor has evaluated your services before, the ideal remarketing strategy would be to send this visitor notifications about offers on services that he had evaluated.

Remarketing depends largely on a suitable understanding of the browsing behavior of your prospects. So, you should know how to remarket your home improvement services to improve the conversion rate for your website visitors and casual surfers.

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Use Email Campaigns

You can always use different email campaigns to turn website visitors into leads. For those, who are looking for deals and discounts, your marketing emails will focus on highlighting whatever freebies you can give to them. On the other hand, if your visitors are genuinely interested but need time to decide, you can schedule your emails accordingly.  It takes nearly 8 touches (emails) before they become paying customers. 

You can send out reminders about your home repair services that a prospect must have been interested in. These reminders need to have a level of emotional appeal so as to convince a person to take a leap of faith in deciding.

Final Thoughts

The above 5 methods are guaranteed to help you convert website visitors into genuine and willing customers. It should be understood that each of these methods needs to be done in a systematic manner. To understand how to apply these methods for effective and sustained website conversion into revenues, you can download this guide today and read up on each method in full detail. By understanding these strategies, you can now bring about more revenue and sales from an existing and ever-expanding base of website visitors once they turn into your customers.

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Tony has been involved with internet marketing since 2009 when he took over the lead generation for his painting company. He has since been generating leads for other small businesses. When not working with clients, you can find him either at the gym, home with the family or dabbing into a new project. 

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