I Am Tony Aponte,
Marketing Consultant

I help small businesses like yours improve their online marketing strategy in order to bring in high quality leads for the growth of your business.


A Bit About Me

How did I start on this journey of being a local marketing consultant? Well, its funny because if you would have told me 10 years ago that I would be doing this, I would have laughed. The crazy thing is that it all started out by just mere accident.

I started my own home improvement company in 2003. In 2009, I decided to take my business online. Like you, as a small business owner, I needed leads and needed them bad..the economy wasn’t that great and leads were drying up so I had to do something.

So I decided to hire a company to do my website design and also do some PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. Well, the results were horrible. Within 3 months, I think that strategy generated me 7 leads and only one was qualified. After, trying out that company, I decided to learn internet marketing myself.

Meanwhile, I moved on to what was called ServiceMagic at the time for leads. That worked for a while. The crappy part was that you shared those leads with other contractors, so you were in a bidding war all the time.

NOT GOOD! Hard to be profitable when you are having to compete on pricing each time you get a lead.

Needless to say, I jumped into internet marketing and lead generation to help myself grow the business. I found that the challenge was addicting. So I decided to really learn and develop the skills of online marketing and branding strategies.

Fast forward to today and you have Next Advantage Coaching. It is here that you will get an experience of the “know.” I know what its like to beat your head against the wall trying to figure out where your next customer is coming from. I know what its like to have to work 7 days a week to keep the business going. What I’ve learned can help eliminate that headache in knowing that you have a partner in your business. It is my mission to help you grow your business while you work on developing the relationships you need to keep your business moving forward. Let’s partner up and build your brand to what you had envisioned when you started your business.

Here’s to your success,

Tony Aponte

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