When it comes to businesses that have a portfolio of their products and services, it is important to display their portfolio in a manner that is attractive and highlights the quality of what they offer. With Ironclad Tattoo Studio, we accomplished that. Not only did setup a layout that really highlights their work, it is mobile responsive so their work can be seen properly on mobile devices.

Next was putting together a design that would also help with converting visitors to customer. Displaying call to actions in a manner that would convert but also would not take away from the design of the website.

We also “updated” their brand to a more modern look and one that would represent their brand properly.

Lastly, was to make sure their website was optimized for search engines so that the website can be found for keywords that are appropriate to their target market.

I think its safe to mission accomplished.

Website Redesign

Website Optimization

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization

January 14, 2017 | Ironclad Tattoo Studio

website design

“great work !!!!!!!…and we have been getting a bunch of phone calls…thanks bud!!!!”


Owner, Ironclad Tattoo Studio

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Adam's Portfolio Page

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